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Posted 24 February 2012 - 03:12 AM

By using the AltEnergyShift.com forums, you agree and accept the following rules:
  • Refrain from swearing, using profanity, using foul language, displaying discourteous behavior, racial, national or sexual slurs and other inappropriate or illegal behavior.
  • No posts that are defamatory, inaccurate, harassing, hateful, threatening, invading of others privacy, or violates any laws.
  • We understand that sometimes posters will wish to vehemently disagree with someone else's post. This is fine but personal attacks or responses resorting to vulgar language are not permitted. One can agree to disagree and post one's point of view without getting personal or in to a flame war. Debating is ok, berating and acting out is not permitted. Make sure your posts hold value.
  • No blatant disrespect of other users/members.
  • Do not call out people on the forums. If there is any complaint about a particular user or any contribution the user has made to the site, please send a message to the AltEnergyShift.com Admin.
  • No pornographic or sexually natured content.
  • No links to inappropriate content.
  • No spam on the forums.
  • No cyber stalking.
  • You are allowed to have only ONE account. We reserve the right to merge or delete multiple accounts.
  • No soliciting, posting items for sale, posting links to items for sale, or attempting to obtain to obtain personal or contact information from other members for the purpose of soliciting.
  • No junk posts such as random characters, irrelevant garbage or a short message that adds no value to the forums.
  • Users must not argue staff decisions publicly. Any and all complaints directed at a moderator must first address the moderator in question via PM. If the problem can not be resolved, then the moderator and user must send their positions to the forum admin. The forum admin will make or change any and/or all final decisions.
  • We require all posts to be positive, constructive, and on topic. We may delete individual posts that could ruin a good topic thread.
  • We reserve the right to remove any topics we deem inappropriate or disruptive to our community. Please note that, from time to time, topics may be removed for being inappropriate even though your individual post in that topic may have been perfectly fine. Please do not feel this reflects badly on you.
  • Having fun is good, we like fun. There is an off topic forums for non-energy related topics. Please keep it positive and polite. We do not censor opinions or ideas on our forums but we do take action against posts and/or topics that could cause unrest in the community beyond a civil and polite disagreement.
  • You may not advertise or promote services without written permission. Please email info@altenergyshift.com
  • We reserve the right to ban any member who violates our guidelines or disrupts our community.
  • If you have an issue concerning our services, policies, or staff, please use a personal contact method such as a private message or email to a staff member. All moderators, administrators, and support staff are highlighted in the active members list. We take serious complaints to heart and will do our best to address them.
  • Pictures may be posted as long as they are not explicit or offensive. If you plan to post more than one image, or the topic is based on graphics, please link the images rather than screening.
  • Signatures may contain images, but may not be any larger than 300x50. If your signature is larger than the allotted size given, you will be requested by a moderator to resize your image.
  • Advertising, commercial-related products are all forbidden in any relation to your account.
  • Remember to post in the correct forum. Take your time to look at other topics and see where your topic should go. If your topic is placed in the wrong forum, it will be moved by a moderator.
  • If a topic is recognized as being posted in the wrong forum, or if the post is a violation of our guidelines then please contact a moderator either via PM or the 'report post to moderator' feature; please do not respond publicly to the member - a member of staff will do what is required upon contact.
  • Do not moderator other members. Report it to us.
  • Any impersonation of a user from these forums, in any mode of communication, is strictly prohibited and will result in a banning.
AltEnergyShift.com staff members have the right and authority to move, remove, or edit any posts deemed inappropriate or any posts that do not follow the forum guideline without user’s consent

AltEnergyShift.com staff members have the right to penalize or ban members who continue to not follow these forum Rules & Guidelines.

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