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#coal & #nuclear: Too Big To Fail?

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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Reports,  in 2017
. . . 1.9 GW of coal plants closed, as
. . . 2.8 GW of new natural gas plants were added.

In the latest PJM capacity auction for 2020-2021, prices fell
. . . 23% – showing that we have more power plants than we need.

So why is FirstEnergy – an Ohio-based utility that recently filed for bankruptcy
. . . asking the Trump Administration to bail out its old coal and nuclear plants?

Because, it’s trying to make up for more than a decade of bad business decisions,
. . . investing in outdated coal and nuclear plants,
. . . that can’t compete with newer, more efficient natural gas, and renewable plants. The company wants customers to pay higher prices for the electricity,
. . . from its coal and nuclear plants we don’t need,
. . . especially when there are cleaner, more affordable energy options available,
. . . to serve Americans in this region.

5-26-2018 Source:  #Coal & #Nuclear: Too Big To Fail?

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