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Follow The #money: Times Have Changed

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Appalachian Ohio,
. . . has a long history of coal, and salt mining.
Coal fields, in the Hocking River Valley, contributed as much as
. . . 40% of the state’s output,
. . . at the turn of the 20th century.

But, with the decline in mining jobs,
. . . Athens County now has the highest poverty rate in the state.
. . . Nearly 1 in 3 residents has income below the federal poverty level.

The town community center, and public library,
. . . already have solar,
but, there is much more potential,
. . . especially for schools.

A 1-megawatt rooftop system,
. . . on the Federal Hocking Secondary School in nearby Stewart, Ohio,
. . . will be one of the largest systems in the county.
We want to generate our own power because we want to be independent from the extractive powers that have made decisions for this region for so long.”

We want to take the coal, and
. . . gas-dependent economy, and make it,
. . . local, and renewably based,
. . . Saving money, while training our children,
. . . for new jobs.

4-18-2018 Source:  Follow the #Money: Times have changed

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