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Wyoming’S #wind

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North Dakota now obtains about
. . . 30% of its power from wind.

“Utilities want wind these days,
. . . Not because of environmental policy.
. . . They want it because it’s cheap.”

In 2 years, a federal subsidy for wind production will end.
. . . Developers have to keep construction active on a new wind farm,
. . . or prove they’ve spent 5% of the overall cost of a project,
. . . in order to keep those credits for a period beyond the sunset date.
In short, developers are scrambling to take advantage,
. . . . of the federal tax credits.

With fossil fuels, like coal,
. . . Wyoming sets aside some of money from taxes in a permanent mineral trust fund.
. . . The idea is that severing valuable products from Wyoming,
. . . now robs future generations of those resources,
. . . so taxes compensate for that.

“Like it or not, we have to have something to replace our tax base,
. . . Clearly coal is going away.”

5-20-2018 Source:  Wyoming’s #Wind

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