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Tesla: #energy Storage Business

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The April black-out.
. . . has reinforced once again, the perception that,
. . . Puerto Rico needs radical re-organization of its grid.
The island suffered from years of cronyism, and
. . . incompetence, if not worse, in its power system.
The kind of micrograms promoted by Tesla, and others,
. . . may in fact be the only answer to the crumbling utilities grid system.

There have been discussions for Tesla to replace
. . . 40% of the grid's capacity with an enormous
. . . 4164 MW solar plant.
At current prices that would cost
. . . US$8.22 billion.
Whether or not Puerto Rico,
. . . could raise the funds to pay for that is a moot point.
. . . International aid agencies might well step in to assist.

4-30-2018 Source:  Tesla: #Energy Storage Business

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