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All Terrain Solar Trailer (Atst)

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Portable power generation stations

Hurricane Sandy demonstrated that there is
. . . a very real need for alternative power sources
. . . that can keep mobile devices charged after a major natural disaster.
The ATST portable power generation system
. . . can be brought into a disaster area and
. . . used to power whatever electronics are needed in the situation.
Each trailer will come equipped with either 4 or 8 batteries,
. . . providing 1200 to 2400 watts of solar charge, and feature
. . . 100 outlets: 50 of them regular 110-volt outlets and
. . . the others a combination of USB, iPhone, and lesser-used connections.
"We also plan to give these trailers a grid-tie ability
. . . that will allow them to pay for themselves over time
. . . by lowering the electric bill of any organization that uses them,"

Source:  ATST  popularmechanics

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