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Electricity Efficiency

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Residential Lighting is 10% of the average electrical expense, according to DOE.
You will spend about:
. . . $90 total cost for an LED bulb and electricity over it's life time, VS
. . . $900 total cost for 40 incandescent bulbs and their electricity.
Since 2008, LED costs have fallen 85%, and we’ve gone from about
. . . 400,000 LED lights installed in the US, to approximately
. . . 20 million today!

New appliances and electronics are much more energy efficient.
. . . If you’ve got a really old ______, it may save you money to finally upgrade.
. . . This goes for TVs, refrigerators, computers, and much more.
. . . This requires doing a bit of math to see,
. . . if the new product or products is/are worth the investment.

One upgrade you probably haven’t yet done and
. . . which is likely to save you a lot of money is,
. . . getting a learning thermostat.
. . . These new thermostats are an excellent way,
. . . to save a lot of electricity and money without doing anything.

The most effective way to lower your electric bill,
. . .  is very likely by going solar.
Sure, you have to pay for those solar panels,
. . . but they are cheaper (in the long run) than electricity.
The average household that goes solar,
. . . is likely to save 10's of thousands of dollars.
. . . over the course of their solar panel system’s lifetime.

2013-11-03 Source:  How To Lower the Electric Bill  Infograph

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