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#climate: Alaska Bering Sea Ice Melt

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Unprecedented, record-breaking high temperatures in the Arctic, and
. . . rapidly disappearing sea ice,
. . . have the climate science community concerned.

In a shocking melting event,
. . . 1/2 of the ice in the Bering Sea disappeared ,during a
. . . 2-week period in February, said
. . . Rick Thoman, climate scientist with the National Weather Service in Alaska.

Remember, this is winter in the Arctic.
. . . It’s in complete darkness,
. . . yet temperatures spiked 45 degrees.
The sun set in October, and won’t be seen until March,
. . . yet the thermometer reads like summer.
Temperatures should be,
. . . 20-30 degrees below zero,
but, are instead measuring above the freezing point.

3-12-2018 Source:  #Climate: Alaska Bering Sea Ice Melt

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