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New Plastic Solar Cell Design

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Reserves of all the major fossil fuels are dwindling more and more rapidly,
. . . due to demand increases.

As these supplies diminish,
. . . they become impractically expensive for more and more people.
. . . Plus, there is global warming to deal with!
Fortunately, solar panels don’t automatically become more expensive,
. . . when electricity demand increases.
When you buy your own solar panels,
. . . you lock in your electricity rate for the next 30 years or more!

Northwestern University, led by Tobin J. Marks have developed
. . . a new polymer (plastic) solar cell with a fill factor of 80%.  
The team showed that the exceptional fill factors, arise from,
. . . high levels of order in the mixture of polymer donor chains and
. . . . . . buckyball acceptor components,
. . . the way these 2 components are distributed within the cell active layer, and
. . . a ‘face-on’ orientation of the polymer chains on the electrode surface.

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