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"innovation" Can Spring From The Margins

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Example: A bamboo windmill developed by 2 farmers in India.
. . . Cost $100 and used to pump water from a small padi field.
Very poor Gujarati salt workers, built a larger version to pump brine water, which
. . . Cost $1,200 and it replaced diesel engines, who's fuel
. . . Cost $1,000 each year, and this has transformed their lives.

Imagine a future which combines
. . . a much more decentralised model of
. . . production and consumption,
but using the best of modern
. . . technology and communications.
You could have open-source content available for downloading from
. . . 150,000 rural post offices across the country, and
. . . see the ingenuity of minds at the margin at work as a result.

Source:  we-overlook-small-scale-our-peril

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